Wall Raising

Wall Raising

Times have changed and walls need to be built higher for additional security and privacy. Over the last decade we have developed a method to raise precast walling, give one of our sales consultants a call should you require additional information.

A few things to keep in mind when planning to raise your precast walling:

– The best way to heighten a precast wall is to take it down and re-erect it with new posts and utilise your existing slabs in the process.

– Your wall will have to be straightened. Should your wall be leaning, there is a chance that you are based on clay ground. We must straighten the wall before any raising can be permitted.

– Do not raise walls around kids playgrounds, sportsfields, along main roads or anywhere that there is risk of the structure being disturbed.

– With our extension method, we cannot raise higher than 2 slabs (60cm)

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